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An Open Letter to Lindsay Lohan

March 29, 2011

Dear Lindsay Lohan,

A headline caught my eye this week. It caught my eye in a bad way, a way that made me very worried, both personally and globally. It concerned me enough that I read the actual article, and what it said was this: you are planning to change your name, specifically, that you are planning to drop your last name and just go by Lindsay.

I beg you, on behalf of all the Lindsey/Lindsays, please don’t do this.

Haven’t you done enough to soil the good name of Lindsay?  You are synonymous with the name; when people hear the name Lindsay they think of you. When I was in Thailand and would introduce myself to people, their response was typically “Oh, Lindsey, like Lindsay Lohan?” My instinctual reply was “No. No, not like Lindsay Lohan, nothing like Lindsay Lohan.” But that would obviously just confuse people, so all I could say, with a weary sigh and a heavy heart, was “Yes, like Lindsay Lohan.”

When you first became famous, I was so happy.  Finally, a famous Lindsay, our name would finally get the recognition it deserved. How I would come to regret it. Now, thanks to you, Lindsay/Lindseys worldwide are associated with DUIs, drugs, stealing fur coats and making movies like “I Know Who Killed Me.”  That last one alone is shameful enough.

So please, you’ve already done enough damage. If you really have your heart set on changing your name, here’s a thought: change it to something other than Lindsay! I hear Chantal is up for grabs!

In conclusion, until you start generating some publicity other than “Lindsay Lohan is a trainwreck,” please just keep things the way they are. Thank you.


Lindsey “Not Like Lohan” Chandler